The State of Public Education in New Orleans



About the Report

Since the Cowen Institute opened its doors at Tulane University in 2007, we have published an annual State of Public Education in New Orleans report to provide an ongoing chronicle and assessment of the reform efforts.  These publications have included a comprehensive description of the current system, an assessment of public opinion, and a list of accomplishments and challenges still facing schools and students.  These reports are designed to help policymakers, educators, and citizens understand how public schools in New Orleans have progressed over time and also how they compare to schools around Louisiana and the United States.

The 2013-14 school year marks the eighth full school year since the dramatic transformation of the public school system in New Orleans. Although structures and policies continue to evolve, the overarching reform mechanisms that were catalyzed by Hurricane Katrina and its subsequent flooding in 2005 continue to define the public education model. School autonomy, parental choice, and high-stakes accountability remain hallmarks of the system. Reflecting on the past school year, the 2014 State of Public Education in New Orleans report provides information about the system of public schools, student outcomes, and the evolving education landscape. This report also highlight successes, as well as challenges, that continue to face public education in New Orleans.

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Table of Contents

The report is divided into the following chapters:

Letter from our Executive Director

System Overview

School Governance

Schools, Operators, and Charter Management Organizations

Enrollment and Demographics

Operations and Administration

School Finances

School Facilities

School Choice

Human Capital

Student Achievement

K-8 Education

Common Core

High School Education

Capacity and Attendance

Successes and Challenges



Looking Ahead

Appendix: Expanded Version


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